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Robin Hood. Series 2. Episode 2: The Beauty and the Booby.

Story opens in Loxley Village as Robin Hood and his men are relieving the Sheriff’s tax collectors of their takings. Not content with their successes they venture into Nottingham Castle and attempt to break into the Sheriff’s inner strong room. Although they manage to get a tantalising glimpse of the Sheriff’s gleaming treasures, the sophisticated security measures and booby traps defeat them. But the slightly reckless smile on Robin’s face tells us he can’t resist the challenge of returning at a later date.
News of their raid reaches the Sheriff of Nottingham and interrupts his bath time, which Guy is apparently being forced to attendant (most reluctantly!) The reason he is having his bath “six months early” is because he has invited the German Count Freidrich (already better known as "Fruitcake" amongst the Hoody fraternity after seeing the advance trailers), to come to Nottingham for a bit of gambling. He intends to win the Count's money for his coffers, and to this end he has built a Casino, complete with green baize tables. (This is one Sheriff who likes his canaries shaken but not stirred!) Gisborne is despatched to deal with those who built the Sheriff’s strong room and leaked the secret to Robin Hood. It won’t be pleasant…
Will Scarlet takes the outlaws to a man called Stephen, describing him as a great “teacher”. It was William who designed the strong room. He’s one of those blind but wise types who gained his martial arts skills whilst on a trip to the East (this being about the time when Richard Branson made air travel so cheap for the working classes). William is so wise he can feel your face and judge your character. He feels Will’s face and describes him as “passionate and angry”. (We wish).
Meanwhile back at the castle Count Freidrich arrives in all his splendour. (He is the Booby in this episode’s title). Marian has been instructed by the Sheriff to cater for the Count’s “every desire”, and wear something which will “stimulate the imagination”. Her red dress hit’s the spot, and double entendres such as “do you ride” and “gently caress the ball” will amuse the family orientated tea time audience.
That night Allan A Dale meets with Gisborne and tells him Robin is planning to rob the Sheriff’s strong room. The following morning he is suspiciously late for the meeting between the outlaws and Stephen as they try to learn its secrets, the most deadly of all being the molten lead designed to flood the chamber! As they formulate their plans, Marian and the Count are doing the same. The Count has overheard the Sheriff speaking about him, and has decided to team up with Marian against him. She takes him to see Robin, who appears more than a little jealous.
As night falls, a very glamorous Djaq gains entrance to the casino and lets the outlaws into the hallways outside the strong room. Whilst the Count and Marian commence their game at the dice table, Robin and his men pit their wits against an array of deadly swinging pendulums, poisoned arrows (nearly grazing Will’s neck), and molten lead…
Comment: I have to say I think the Casino idea is the most ridiculous since the retro ninja go go dancers of episode 10 (series 1). Why oh why couldn’t the Sheriff have challenged the Count to a Jousting Tournament? We could have seen the Count’s championed pitted against Guy of Gisborne! What a great story that would have made, especially watching Marian’s face if Guy was injured. At least we could have been given a more ruthless type of Count. Nevertheless, I loved the scenes here in the strong room, with Robin Hood’s almost reckless courage shining through whilst the ever faithful Much looks on. Also note how it’s always Little John who gives the men that one last push into action when the others look like backing out. Nice little detail in the character there. Another nice touch was in Djaq’s contrasting reactions to Will and Allan when they saw her in that dress…
More pictures in the week, Hoodies!

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Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood BBC series 2

Basic cast:

Robin Hood - Jonas Armstrong
Marian - Lucy Griffiths
Guy of Gisborne - Richard Armitage
Sheriff of Nottingham - Keith Allen
Little John - Gordon Kennedy
Much - Sam Troughton
Allan A Dale - Joe Armstrong
Will Scarlet - Harry Lloyd
Djaq - Anjali Jay
Edward - Michael Elwynn

13 October 2007 at 22:47:00 BST  
Anonymous Jenn with 2 enns said...

I have to wait until *sob* March (last I heard) for the DVDs to come out so I can watch Season 2 (I'm in the States and don't have BBC America)! Thanks for the blog so I can get a taste. Sounds like the writers are trying to cash in (no pun intended) on the recent gambling popularity. Seems a bit silly, to me, but I'll wait until I see it!

14 October 2007 at 05:56:00 BST  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi jennnnnnnn,

Welcome aboard.

14 October 2007 at 10:08:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought dat episode was well good much better than the last one.the Sheriff was so funny at the end when robin had gone into the strongroom and he started punching the guards and slapped one was also funny when the blind dude knocked over Allan,when the 'fruitcake' was touching up Marian and also when Robin had asked Much for the Bags and he was taking ages and Will argued a bit with him and when they were arguing whilst practising how to defeat the strong room ROFL LOL. loved the dresses Marian wore much better than last years although not quite sure about that hat but nevermind. It was really good because you get to seee loads more of Will which was great. i was like OMG when that poison dart hit him then thank god coz he was ok he looked so scared - bless his heart. did you see the way he looked at Djaq when she had her dress on he still really fancies the pants off her. o why couldn't it be me! i still can't wait until episode 4 when he gets his first love scene i love him so a bizzle c ya

luv amy
p.s i love harry lloyd he's so fit

14 October 2007 at 12:48:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o and pretty plz could you put more pics of Will on ur site coz i luv him loads. cheers my dears.

luv amy

14 October 2007 at 12:51:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiya it's me again i just found out whats happening in episode 4 - where Will is the main character hers' the plot :

The Sheriff and his sinister scientist, Joseph, are testing a chemical weapon on a street in Nottingham Town and blaming the ill effects on the Pestilence; but Dan Scarlett, who's in town to visit his son, Will, knows it's not the pestilence at all, as Dominic Minghella's drama continues.

Dan wants Will to become his apprentice and run the family's carpentry business, but Will is frustrated that his father is blind to the good work he does as an outlaw. Father and son bicker about what's best for Will – but tragically fail to resolve their dispute before the Sheriff murders Dan for speaking out against the suspected poisoning.

Now Robin realises that the Sheriff is up to something and resolves to track down the source of the poison before more innocent people die. Bravely plunging into the heart of "pestilence" territory, the outlaws work tirelessly to soothe the sick – little realising that the strange helper from Leicester is none other than Joseph!

Worse still, Robin believes Will has returned to Scarborough when, in fact, he's headed straight for the Castle to punish the Sheriff for his act. With lives at stake, Robin must track down the source of the poison in time. But what will he do when he realises that Will is intent on avenging his father's death at any cost..?

The Sheriff of Nottingham is played by Keith Allen, Joseph by Ralf Little, Dan Scarlett by Sean Murray, Will Scarlett by Harry Lloyd and Robin Hood by Jonas Armstrong.
sounds good doesn't it can't wait just thought i'd let u know c ya

luv amy
p.s i love harry lloyd

14 October 2007 at 13:20:00 BST  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Amy,

Nice to have your opinion. Certtainly that episode had mre "romance", what with all the girls dressing up in their best frocks! I wonder if Djaq wanted to attract Allan or Will? (I think Will).

I'll put a nice poison arrow pic up for you in the week. But do remember I can't put pics up here unless he's on the screen. (He hasn't been on much this series yet). So thanks for the heads up about episode 4.

As you might remember, in the legend, Will Scarlet is my favourite outlaw. So I really want to see him do more - and get a bit more emotional about stuff. I wonder what he'll do when he learns about Allan being a traitor?

14 October 2007 at 14:57:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks ... I love ur work , I always chek your blog to read the describtion ...

14 October 2007 at 16:40:00 BST  
Blogger robin hood said...

Thankyou Kiana. I just like to share the legend. I started my main Robin Hood blog LOOOONG before Jonas Armstrong came on the scene. But I admit my enthusiasm was refreshed by his excellent performance.

14 October 2007 at 18:07:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx robin hood ur the best!!!looking forward to those amazing pics of Will. i definitely would like to see loads more of Will coz he's such a great and interesting character i think we should see a lot of him in episode 4 as he's the featured character. we better do otherwise i'm gonna complain to the producers. we need to see more of him coz he's the charcter we know least about as he doesn't show as many emotions as the others and all the others have had their own episode apart from Will which is really tight.

luv ya loads

i love harry lloyd

15 October 2007 at 17:19:00 BST  
Anonymous ashley said...

i thought this episode was really good. But i agree with a lot of the other viewers that Will NEEDS to be featured more.
He is my favorite besides Robin and i just wish as the episodes go on that Harry Lloyd is given more to do.
I can't wait for episode 4!!:)

15 October 2007 at 20:46:00 BST  
Blogger Emily said...

I thought this episode was almost as ridiculous as the ninja dancing invincible weapon seracen girls well.
But it was fun all round and quite amusing. It didn't advance the major plot points very far, but it was quite a cute light hearted episode in the middle of a "darker" season.

16 October 2007 at 05:07:00 BST  
Blogger robin hood said...

I think we are in agreement here. Perhaps this kind of humour should have been place further into the season, after the "darker" tone had been established more.

16 October 2007 at 09:13:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heyy Robin,
im so happy series 2 is finally on...! i remember last year going on this site like everyday! *good memories* and ive finally made the time to check out if ur sites still up nd running (of course it is, you started even before these series came on).
im still amazed by how much commitment u have to it...
ah well, its back and im glad! the only bad thing about it is the will, allan, djaq love triangle. i completely forgot about it until u mentioned their reactions to the dress she wore :( lol im going to be keeping an eye on all the small signs between those 3...

Lulu (mrs harry lloyd) xxx

P.S lol amy, he really is fit isnt he?!

17 October 2007 at 19:26:00 BST  

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