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Robin Hood. Series 2. Episode 8: "Get Carter".

Nottingham Castle is host to a new guest; the Sheriff of Nottingham has hired Carter, a Crusader, to assassinate Robin Hood. Robin doesn't know it yet, but Carter believes the outlaw leader killed his brother, and he wants revenge more than he wants the purse. Carter shows great respect for the Sheriff, bowing to kiss his hand, which leads the Sheriff to ask Gisborne "How come you never kiss my ring?"In Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood's gang are watching a village as the Sheriff's soldiers prepare for a hanging. Against Robin's orders Marian recklessly charges right in, sword arm flailing mercilessly. Robin is afraid she will be recognised and drags her from the fight to tie her up out of sight. Then, in the heat of battle, the assassin Carter rides up and rescues Robin Hood, killing many soldiers in the process, and gaining the admiration of the outlaws.After the fight is over Carter secretly inflicts a wound upon himself, so Robin Hood will take him back to their camp for treatment. On the journey there Carter explains he is in England to seek his brother's killer, whilst Much questions him more about his background, suspicious that he's seen him somewhere before.
As they all recuperate from the battle Robin chides Marian for her conduct, telling her she must accept orders and function as part of a team. She storms off, declaring Robin is basically being sexist. Then, in a particularly illuminating scene, it is Little John who goes to console her with a huge friendship hug, saying that he understands she is grieving over the loss over her father, and that that is the cause of her unrest. (Note: Good to hear him addressed here as "Little John", something which doesn't usually happen in this series). But whilst John is comforting Marian, Carter is at work stealthily attacking the outlaws one by one. Before long, both Marian and John will also fall victim to his skills.
When Robin Hood returns to camp he is met with the sight of everyone tied up on the cliff edge, and Carter insisting he be given the Sheriff's Pact or they all die. Robin is able to overcome Carter, and tie him up in return. At this point Marian plunges once again into a mental red mist and starts throwing punches, demanding information from Carter "one way or the other", all of which provokes Robin to say that's not the way they do things. (Note: It was last week!) It is decided to send Carter back to the Sheriff, knowing the Sheriff will hang him for his failure. On their journey back to Nottingham, Robin shows Carter the plight of the poor villagers, believing he can redeem him by showing the assassin the error of his ways. However, when Carter breaks free, it seems Robin's hopes are in vain and a chase leads to a duel in a barn before Carter does indeed break down in tears when he finally accepts the truth about his brother's death. In that moment Robin and Carter decide to combine forces against the Sheriff.
Back at the hideout Marian has been confined to camp, and is practicing her knife throwing skills when no less that Allan A Dale creeps up on her (nearly losing an eye in the process). Allan explains that Gisborne has sent him for her, but that they could pretend Marian has sought life in the Priory as a nun. Marian is not sure Allan could get the required fake proof, but he smiles saying "Trust me, I'm good with nuns", and their plan is hatched. However, when a wise cracking Allan returns to Guy with the story, he is not readily convinced.
Robin Hood's plan regarding the Sheriff is to feign his own death, have his body taken into the Castle as if Carter really had killed him, get the reward money which is carter's fee, and give it to the villagers. Djaq (of course) administers the potion, and Robin is quickly put to sleep, having once again ordered Marian to stay behind. This she does not do, and hides amongst the outlaws as they enter the Castle courtyard. They are greeted by Gisborne, who wants to be sure Robin Hood is dead and draws his sword to do just that. In order to save Robin, Marian appears from the crowd, expresses no regret at seeing Robin dead, and tells Guy she must speak with him at once. Distracted and delighted, Guy puts his sword away and goes with Marian whilst the cart bearing Robin's body is brought before the Sheriff.
Marian tells Guy she has come to ask him not to visit her at the Priory; that she needs time to grieve. Guy believes the best solution for grief is to bring a new baby into the world, and is not easily persuaded otherwise. At one point, to keep Guy distracted from the outlaws, some rather heavy snogging is necessary on Marian's part!Meanwhile, in the Sheriff's quarters, Robin Hood rises smiling from the table as he and Carter prepare to make their escape with the money whilst consciously avoiding any bloodletting in the process as they fight off the soldiers. But the true climax of the episode is not really this swashbuckling sequence at all but rather Marian's simple advances and apologies to Robin for her recent behaviour. They tease each other playfully, before Marian takes his hand in hers; "an item" for all to witness.

Comment: Good episode, in which the subplot was far more satisfying than the main story. Great character development in the Little John role. Kennedy is great at these scenes (as he was in the childbirth one), and it's a shame we went an entire first series without seeing more of this. Similarly, a really nice short scene between Much and Robin when Much was trying to ascertain if Robin still cares for him. Allan breaks me up the way he is so flippant with Guy, and yes it's official, Marian is still a "Maid" Marian (or so she tells Guy). If I had any negative observations it would be about the inconsistency in the way the writers are portraying Robin Hood. In this episode he went out of his way to avoid any killing of soldiers and, more notably, the very assassin that was trying to kill him. What's going on? For the last couple of episode's he's been positively merciless. If Carter had appeared last week he'd be dead!
More pictures to come, Hoodies!

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Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood.

Robin Hood BBC series 2.

Robin Hood - Jonas Armstrong.
Marian - Lucy Griffiths.
Guy of Gisborne - Richard Armitage.
Sheriff of Nottingham - Keith Allen.
Little John - Gordon Kennedy.
Much - Sam Troughton.
Allan A Dale - Joe Armstrong.
Will Scarlet - Harry Lloyd.
Djaq - Anjali Jay.
Edward - Michael Elwynn.

24 November 2007 at 21:48:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Hoodies,

Robin Hood pictures will surely follow over the next couple of days.

24 November 2007 at 21:49:00 GMT  
Anonymous heather said...

Wow! This ep sounds sooooo exciting, especially the subplot with Marian and Allan(Hmmmm, could he be realizing that he's doing wrong working for Guy?)

can't wait till March

25 November 2007 at 00:17:00 GMT  
Anonymous Lau said...

Good episode. At first i was little sceptical with the assasin, it reminded me too much of the ninjas from series one, but it did turn out to good. Didn't really like the way Robin spoke to Marian, barking orders at her and all. I think i would have hit him. Oh with the whole weird outfit thing lately, an addition, Marian wearing trousers that sort of looked a bit combat-y, i know shes worn trousers before, but for some reason they just stood out. lol. Hum... Guy talking about 'making new life' veryyyyyyy creepy really. Did like the ending was quite cute with Marian and Robin.
Anyway keep up the good work. Sites great!
P.S Did you see the prevew of next week, Robin asks Marian to marry him!!!!! Soooooooo excitied!!!!!!

25 November 2007 at 12:11:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great commentary again!

I think that Robin was killing a lot in 2x05, 06 &07 because he was royally peeved at the whole Allan-spy thing and terrified of losing Marian. It was kind of like 1x08 when he saw his world falling apart and went completely MAD! Now, Marian is in the forest, and though she is getting under his skin, she is safe, so he's just not acting so crazy anymore.


25 November 2007 at 15:30:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another great episode!

i hope that marian and djaq form a freindship, being the only two women in the gang i can see them either becoming freinds.

i was surprised when robin tied marian up, i didn't think he would do that sort of thing!


25 November 2007 at 17:39:00 GMT  
Blogger Emily said...

This episode was decent, but not nearly as good as the previous two episodes.
I was rather disappointed in some levels - and I think the reason is because the writers are being inconsistent with their character development.
Also, it didn't feel like a natural progression from the last episode - that was really intense, and then all of a sudden we have a lighter episode.
The Marian and Guy intrigues are getting stale - though I did like the dark creepy obsessive love of Gisbourne in this one.
I think they need something fresh - if they're moving Marian away from the castle, they need to move her away from the castle plot wise too. (and on this point, Robin's been asking her for ages to join his gang - did he have a bit of memory lapse this episode? He would never tell her not to join his gang, or talk about her returning to the castle?! What Alien took over Robin of Locksley's body?)
I did like seeing her fight without her night watchman robes, but she was just *so* all over the map today.
I understand that grief is motivating her, but I think her degree of toughness isn't exactly clear.
As the night watchman, she has acute senses and can climb through rooftops and sense people coming.
And yet, today she was tied up two times today without a fight. If she had such skills - Robin wouldn't have been able to get her out of the way quite so easily. How is it that she can fight off Gisbourne and yet Robin has more trouble with him when they go at it?
And don't get me started on Robin's character this episode.
It really felt as though our characters were all going through major pms - oh, I feel like killing, no I don't.
The outlaws have virtually no reaction to Marian joining their gang. It's only Robin and John who really acknowledge that she's there - they're rather ho hum about the changes.
I know Marian's used to giving orders rather than receiving them, but you don't see her trying to boss anyone around, only take off on her own. I think the outlaws reactions and adjustment to Marian and her to them have been sorely missed.
I did like the scene between Carter and Robin - it also gave more colour to his picture of his previous life in the Holy Land.

25 November 2007 at 20:52:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


You didn't think Robin and Marian got up to that kind of thing? Check out this link:

..and that was in the 1950s!!

25 November 2007 at 21:01:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a great episode, but definetly not the best. Guy still gives me the heeby-jeebies. I'm glad they use his affection for Marian in the next episode.(sucker!!)

Marian seemed way out of character in this episode, but she is going through changes. Losing her father and adabting to life in the forest.
The ending was my favorite, when she grabbed Robins hand. They are soooooo cute. And Next week!!! Aahhhhhh. I'm so excited!! He askes her to marry him!! WOooHoooo!!


25 November 2007 at 21:08:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


As usual, I find myself agreeing with all your points.

Good episode, but marred by these inconsistencies in the writing and character development.

I did like the guilty Crusader references with Carter. Remember that scene in the very first episodes when Much broke out in tears in the bath tub after returning home from the war? he said nothing, but spoke volumes. It was nice to have another little reminder of how Robin, an ex-soldier in a dubious war, feels.

But the fight between him and Carter was nothing when compared to the one between him and Allan. Nor was the tension.

Good to see John get that scene. But do Will and Djaq then have to almost totally disappear?

And I'm concerned about Djaq. We're all wondering about a possible love affair with Allan. But where is the Djaq who rescued the formula for gunpowder from the fire? Who had an interest in the pursuit of knowledge? She's not been the same since she put on that new waistcoat...

I think this series has been better than the early part of the last one. That's my opinion.

But there were some frustrations with the "Get Carter" epsode that I hope prove groundless in the long run.

Just one more thing: If Allan keeps talking to Guy the way he does, I now want him to live! I think his role is being more consistent.

25 November 2007 at 21:16:00 GMT  
Blogger Emily said...

I completely agree - on all points - but I was thinking the same thing about Djaq.
She seems almost like a different character this series - I think that giving her a bit more femininity was a good idea - but they seem to have made the mistake that giving her more femininity strips her of the very reasons why we like Djaq so much - her wit, her brains and her ability to fight just like any of the guys.
For example, in this episode - Where's Djaq's indominable sarcastic wit when Robin's telling Marian to go cook? I know she wouldn't want to get involved in their issues, but she seems to have no response. Where's the "Saved by a woman? Irritating, isn't it?" attidude?
And I loved Allan this episode. I think he's balancing out alright - truly I agree he's not all bad. In fact, he could be very useful to Robin and the Gang in the long run. Allan seems to handle Gisbourne quite well, actually.

25 November 2007 at 21:39:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with you totally! i generally thought that this episode wasn't up to the standard of the last two. i love that allan's character is getting fully fledged and unfortunately it seems to be that the reason for that is cos he left the outlaws group. djaq and will do seem to be completely ignored, and much and john to a lesser extent, which is a shame because they're such interesting characters. and i'm beginning to feel sorry for guy, everyone around him seems to be manipulating and using him for their own gains, where's his so called strength and power? come on guy be a man! she doesn't love you! the next episode kinda seemed to be an extension of this one, so hopefully we'll get to see more development. personally i really like the wardrobe this series, they've given them all a modern twist.

does anyone know if the writers change often? maybe that's why some of the characters' behaviours are uneven?

conclusion: more outlaws, less marian-gets-guy-to-do-what-she-wants, and more allan!

anna x

26 November 2007 at 13:10:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg i cant wait for next weeks episode robin asks marian to marry him! omg! can't wait! i liked last weeks episode especially the end when marain hel robins hand very simpel but meaningful, but i think that teh episode lacked soemthing, btu im not sure what

26 November 2007 at 16:42:00 GMT  
Blogger Annie said...

Hello, everyone,

I've been visiting this web site for the past few months. It's great--lovely in content and in form like the legend it celebrates! I love reading the comments from other Robin Hood fans and decided I'd finally jump in.
Though I tend to agree overall with Robin, Emily, and others who have criticized dicrepancies in the characters' development in this episode, I think we were prepared for some of the inconsistencies by previous episodes. For example, with Robin Hood, we've seen other times when he allowed his ideals to be compromised, either for self-interested reasons (episode 13 of the first season) or because he felt that the stakes were high (episode 8 of season 1 and episode 6 of this season). In "A Clue: No," he was a veritable killing machine when he thought Marian was dead. One reason I like this interpretation of Robin Hood is that his character is deeply flawed and thus more interesting--he's come back from the Holy Land a changed man, but he often fails to live up to his own ideals. He reverts to violence as the simplest way to solve a problem, because it's what he knows best. This also makes the contributions of his band crucial--they're often in the position of setting Robin to rights.
I've rambled on a little rudely for a newcomer, but I can't resist a final comment about Robin's statement to Marian that she's not ready to decide whether she wants to live in the forest. For me, this is an example of a time when Robin resists the temptation to let his own self-interest interfere with his better judgment. We know he wants nothing so much as to have Marian with him, but unlike Guy, who persuaded Marian to accept his marriage proposal under duress, Robin wants her to choose life in the forest. He knows that she can't really choose while she's grieving and desperate; he's willing to wait until she's emotionally able to make the decision.
Sorry to go on so long; obviously your comments have set me thinking. Once again, love this site!

26 November 2007 at 18:01:00 GMT  
Anonymous Lillie said...

As much i love Robin Hood thing, some of the plots need a bit of an adjustment. The new Guy is not as good, granted he's all creepy which is differnet , but hes all soppy and frankly boring. Will and Djaq have been forgotten about. I think Will had one line in tha episode "he's very good" and as for Djaq i cant remember any! Also what happened to the Will/Djaq thing, its like it never excisted.
To answer Anna's Q, they do change the writers each episode, although some do write more than one episode. So thats probally a factor in the differnt styles.
Don't get me wrong, i love Robin Hood!!!! Its great! Just some bits need slightly altering. Anywho love the website!! Its amazing!!
P.S does anyone know if theres going to be a series 3? Really really want one!!!

26 November 2007 at 19:18:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


Thanks for jumping in! Don't be long before you're doing it again.

Your point about Robin knowing Marian has to get over the loss of her father before her mind is clear enough to contemplate life in the forest, is a good one. This is true love as opposed to Guy's baby making lusts in spite of her distress!


I like the fact that Guy has been better defined as a creep. Because Armitage is a great romantic lead in his other work, I think fans were confused last year that his advances were somehow the same. They're not. He is a creep. But I also get annoyed sometimes at aspects of his role. And with the great Keith Allen this week. the kissy kissy thing was stupid. (His best line was that very brief "shoulders back" to the guards. But blink and you'll miss that one).

Hmmmm.... do I sense a degree of discontent this week after the last 2 amazing episodes?

Tell you what though, even if the fights with Robin were over far far too quickly to be convincing, I liked Carter. I wish he'd stayed to replace Roy. he riminded me of a young Robert Shaw (just like Shaw the assassin in James Bond's From Russia With Love).

26 November 2007 at 21:00:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


Okay, we all saw next week's trailer!

Are we all buying a hat for the wedding? Will she say yes?

Or is it another plan, like his "death", to gain access somewhere?

26 November 2007 at 21:02:00 GMT  
Blogger Emily said...

I don't think its to gain access. He doesn't seem to be being all that "glib" about it - there's no twinkle in his eye and big grin. He looks perfectly serious.
Whether or not Marian says yes at this point is the question. But then, there's not a lot to go on yet with this scene.
The possibilities are still pretty open. It's just when Robin's concocting a scheme, there's that certain twinkle in his eye...

Carter: I liked him too. He and Robin got on very well. They had an understanding of being from simliar backgrounds and simliar experiences. I'd like to see him come back. I also wish him well on his quest to find the King!

27 November 2007 at 02:39:00 GMT  
Anonymous Walker said...

Nope-i'd be so devestated if it was a trick. It looks like it was a bit sudden, as if they were in a middle of an arguement or something.

And, Robin Hood, can you tell me where i could find the robin hood theme tune to download? Thanks.

27 November 2007 at 16:59:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Walker,

I have to be careful what I say here, but the best way to find mp3s is to do a Google blog search. (Click the "more" link under Google and you'll see blog search listed on the next page).

I reckon someone has posted the music on a live journal page.

27 November 2007 at 17:34:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


failing that...

Record the opening sequence by plugging a video camera direct into the TV.

Download that sequence into your pc.

Open the file in windows movie maker.

Then, drag and drop the audio part onto the sound bar below it. This will separate the music from the pictures.

Now simply save that sound file to your computer at whatever quality level you like.

27 November 2007 at 17:49:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a soundtrack that was released last year. i don't know if it's availible in the UK anymore(if doesn't have it in stock).

hopefully that helps


28 November 2007 at 02:31:00 GMT  
Anonymous Tobias said...

I know this comment is a bit late, but again there is a nice reference in the title (makes me wonder how many others i have missed)

Get Carter is also the title of a great 1970 gangster movie starring Michael Caine.

It has a lot of parallels with the episode too.
Caine plays a guy who comes back to his hometown after a long absence in order to avenge his brother.
Sounds familiar? comments anyone?

12 February 2008 at 19:41:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Yep. I think most people would be aware of this one. A classic film.

12 February 2008 at 21:36:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carter is so cute!
I loved him!
He would have made a great outlaw! Another bit of eye-candy for our screens!


17 December 2008 at 19:07:00 GMT  

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