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Robin Hood. Series 2. Episode 11: "Treasure of the Nation".

Robin Hood, episode 11 (an episode which wipes clean the previous slate on Marian and Guy's relationship to draw it afresh), begins with Robin's men ambushing a convoy of grain being escorted through Sherwood Forest by Allan A Dale. Later, whilst concealing the grain in one of their many secret locations, Robin Hood ponders upon the sheer amount of sacks, thinking something must be afoot back in Nottingham. At that very moment they are attacked by yet another blonde haired blue eyed Crusader, Legrand, returned from the Holy Lands. (Is there anyone left over there fighting the wars with King Richard?) However, he turns out to be another messenger from Richard, speaking that immortal catchphrase of old, (all together now!): I have a message from the King".
The message turns out to be a cryptic picture, which none of them can understand. (No, not even Djaq). However, learning that a second message is located at Paxton House, they go in search. Sure enough, Paxton himself does have a matching cryptic picture, and combining the two they at least understand that the Latin thereupon means "Treasure of the Nation" (thanks Djaq), but are no wiser as to the whereabouts of that "treasure". However, holding the paper before the heat of a candle flame, several more marks are revealed, which appear to correspond to an arrangement of buildings. Meanwhile, Loxley Village is being requisitioned as a military garrison by order of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Marian is trying to resist these measures, and arguing with Guy of Gisborne, but to no avail. Guy is especially angry with Allan for the loss of the grain, and forces Allan to lead his troops to where he knows it will be hidden. (Not the main hideout). This Allan does, observed from the surrounding trees by Marian.
When Marian goes to tell Robin Hood of Allan's latest act of treachery, plus the fact Loxley Village has been commandeered, they meet with a passionate embrace. But Robin explains that until the King's message has been decoded and dealt with, there's little he can do. He also makes her promise not to go it alone. She gives this promise but as he walks away, goes on to mutter under her breath that, whilst she will not intervene, the Night Watchman might… Robin Hood returns alone to the outlaw's camp, where they have identified the marks in the picture to be a map of a stone circle with which they are familiar, and to which they immediately embark, leaving only Paxton behind. Upon reaching the Circle, Robin fires an arrow through an alignment in the stones, and all follow to see where it falls to ground. Where that arrow marks the spot they discover an entrance to an underground bunker, and further clues therein which indicate that Kirklees Abbey is where the Treasure of the Nation will ultimately be found. However, no sooner do they make that discovery than the Sheriff appears. He has been following them, led by Paxton! Trapping Robin Hood and the outlaws in the bunker, the Sheriff makes for Kirklees, but not before rewarding Paxton with a blade to the gut! Later, only Little John's mighty strength against the stone doors, aided by his new friend Legrand, will free them.
Back in Loxley Village the entire Robin Hood series is about to turn on its axis as the Night Watchman goes into action single handily against the military presence there. Allan is the first to intercept the masked vigilante in a barn, and does try to reason with "her". But suddenly Gisborne appears, and a huge fight ensues. It is an impressive battle. Every blow, every kick Gisborne delivers makes us wince because we know whose figure lay beneath that mysterious outfit. The Night Watchman puts up a good fight, but the outcome against the master assassin is inevitable. Gloating, Guy approaches the defeated people's warrior, reaches out, and….Pulls off the mask!!!!
"Not you…" are the only words he can muster, before turning away, and running distraught from the barn. Marian pleads with Allan to let her escape, but Allan refuses. As far as he is concerned all Allan has left is his future with Gisborne. Suddenly (speak of the devil), Gisborne returns carrying the small Saracen blade he stabbed the Night Watchman with one year ago! He demands proof from Marian that she was in fact that person he stabbed, and Marian raises her garment to reveal the scar on her side. It is all he needed to see before, sending for the Sheriff and arranging her execution. Meanwhile, Robin Hood has realised the Sheriff misinterpreted the instructions on the cryptic map, and that Barnsdale Church is the more exacting location for the Treasure of the Nation than Kirklees. And indeed, when they themselves reach the church, the Treasure stands revealed: It is nothing less than the Queen Mother, tricked and imprisoned by her wayward son Prince John! The Queen is particularly curious about two of the outlaws: the Saracen, Djaq, whom she quickly takes a liking to and expresses a wish to get to know better, and Little John, for whom she takes quite another kind of liking. Indeed, John's rear is in for a good pinching from the flirtatious Royal before the day is through.
Suddenly, the outlaws are once again surrounded by the Sheriff's men, but they manage to escape without too much incident. However, when ambushed a little further down the road, Legrand is fatally wounded in his defence of the Queen, causing John to offer an epitaph akin to that spoken once before over Marian's dying body: "Him, I liked".

Within the Nottingham Castle, Marian is trying desperately to escape by lighting fires in her room. But to no avail. Neither can her charms seem to work so well on Gullible Guy this time around, even though there does seem to be a growing realisation upon her face that her previous deceptions might have hurt the "human" side of Guy more than she had right.

The episode climaxes as the Sheriff returns, angry at the loss of the Treasure of the Nation, and in desperate need of a good hanging to calm his senses. The gallows stand prepared in the background as the Sheriff consults with Guy. Then Marian steps forth and says: "I am ready". But of course the Sheriff doesn't know she is the Night Watchman, and simply invites her to witness the hanging! At which point "the Night Watchman" himself appears on the battlements, raining arrows into the courtyard below!

Guy glances at Marian. Is this his planning? As the Sheriff goes into another fit of rage, the soldiers go in pursuit. After they pass an overlooked water well, a dark masked figure emerges in safety. He removes the mask. It is Allan a Dale!

At the conclusion to all this activity, and no doubt with the Sheriff still screaming somewhere in his chambers, Marian, Allan, and Guy are alone in her chambers. She hugs Allan with a genuine "Thank you" for saving her life. Guy is now smiling (!), and tells Allan to burn the Night Watchman's outfit. Once they are alone, Guy asks Marian to stay, saying she is the "only thing which makes this place bearable". Marian embraces him, not with a deep kiss, but certainly with genuine affection: "I will stay…"

Comment: Wow! Will we ever see the Night Watchman ride again? Has Guy truly captured a part of Marian's heart? Where does this leave Allan? (Allan could now be in an even more precarious position. He not only has links to Robin, but has witnessed Guy's actions to conceal Marian's identity). A lot to digest here, especially as we have a whole third series before us next year!
I loved the little references to Stone Circles and Kirklees. (Follow the link and you'll find how they are indeed related to the legend of Robin Hood). And I loved the Queen Mother's advances towards Little John. (So did he!) Another good couple of guests here, in both the Queen Mother and the Crusader Legrand. (Can we please have one of these guys stay and join the gang?) Loved this episode.

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Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood series 2 episode 11.

15 December 2007 at 21:46:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood.

Robin Hood BBC series 2.

Robin Hood - Jonas Armstrong.
Marian - Lucy Griffiths.
Guy of Gisborne - Richard Armitage.
Sheriff of Nottingham - Keith Allen.
Little John - Gordon Kennedy.
Much - Sam Troughton.
Allan A Dale - Joe Armstrong.
Will Scarlet - Harry Lloyd.
Djaq - Anjali Jay.
Edward - Michael Elwynn.

15 December 2007 at 21:46:00 GMT  
Anonymous rachibabe said...

Hi, did you say that it's been completly confirmed of a series 3 being relesed? *hopeful smile* !??!

16 December 2007 at 02:03:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap you made this one sound the best yet!! So so so excited to watch now, wasn't really looking forward to it after last weeks episode.

16 December 2007 at 06:38:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has the third series been confirmed then?!?

16 December 2007 at 08:37:00 GMT  
Anonymous nulie said...

i thought that this is infact the funniest episode out of all the 1st and 2nd series episodes. LeGrande and the Queen Mother have been teh best characters to date! The advances towards little john were hilirious.
and when robin and marian passionatley embraced each other awwwwwwwwww
and omg the night watchman is revealed! will she ever retuen.
all im gonna say is that it's goign to be a exciting last 2 episodes. next week looks fantastic!

16 December 2007 at 10:39:00 GMT  
Anonymous nulie said...

omg robin somethign is goign on! i was on the website and it says that the final episode will be shown on the 29th of december! does this mean there won't be an episode next week. the 12th and 13th episode are being shown bk to bk so it lasts an 1hr and 1/2 altogether. this really is exciting stuff. so does this mean theer won't be an episode next week?

16 December 2007 at 10:51:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO episode nest weeek unfortunately as we have to wait 2 weeks now but the final episode looks sooooooooo exciting can't wait .loved this episode the best yet. i was glad to see the whole of the gang together not just Robin on his own.

luv amy xxx

ps i love harry lloyd he's fit

16 December 2007 at 11:21:00 GMT  
Anonymous gabby said...

Wow, another great episode, i liked the part where mairien hugged Allen and Guy, though we are all worried that she might be getting to close to guy...

That scene near the beggining when the gang were all laying flat on the ridge, watching the army marching and ready to steal there supplies was interesting, did anyine notice Will had to keep moving so Djaq didn't bump in to him, he didn't take his eyes off her!

I liked the robin/Marien scene too. Great episode!


16 December 2007 at 11:35:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

I missed that bit with Djaq and Will. I'll look out for it in today's repeat.

Nulie & rachibabe,
We've had confirmation of a third series. I admit I don't think that's come from the BBC controller himself yet (????). But then again, he still thinks they're all out there in Hungary filming a Friar Tuck episode...


Where did the weeks go to? How come its near the end of the series already??? i can't believe it!

16 December 2007 at 11:56:00 GMT  
Anonymous nulie said...

hey robin! :) so is there not going to be a episode this week cus its going to be a bk to bk episode in 2wks?
oh by the way i think djaq tells will that she loves him go to and watch the next trailer is shows a bit of the preview which is always showed at the end of the episode last night but it also shows other bits please write back robin

16 December 2007 at 12:40:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi nulie,

If you look in the Radio Times Christmas Edition, you'll see there is no Robin Hood next Saturday, 22nd December.

The final episode is an extended one, broadcast on Saturday 29th December.

Spoilers: The Radio Times does give too much away for my liking. If you don't want to know anything more than the regular trailer, then don't read it!

No spoilers.

16 December 2007 at 12:52:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok no worries dont have the radio times anyway thank you xo

16 December 2007 at 13:02:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i saw that trailer on da BBC episode i was thinking that Djaq was telling Will that she loved him i hope so anyway . Harry Lloyd did say he was getting a romantic scene so that could be it. Can't wait til next episode. I've also noticed that Will looks a lot different this series. he's load taller , skinnier and has had his hair cut. he looks sexier that ever. i really don't want this to be the end of series 2 what will i do on saturday nights for the next year.

luv amy xxx

i love Harry lloyd and by that way does anyone else think that Will Scarlett is extremely fit!

16 December 2007 at 15:33:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


That comment you made about Will?

You're right. He's definately getting a nice armful of Djaq at the very start of that scene.


Same as last year I guess... Watch the DVDs?

16 December 2007 at 17:05:00 GMT  
Anonymous frizzyjeans said...

does anyone have screencaps for for the next episode's trailer???
I loved this episode and am eagerly waiting for the 29th!

16 December 2007 at 18:15:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a whole i liked the episode but i'm getting mad with the way the writers are playing with the storyline when it comes to Marian's character. We're getting this new side of her, ambivalent when it comes to Guy. Are the writers giving in to the demands of some fans to have a so called "love triangle" which beyond the storyline. I know i'm not the only one hating Marian right now. With tne next 2 episodes not liking the way it's heading i'm not sure they will(the writers)end the "triangle". I love to be proven wrong.....


16 December 2007 at 18:20:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Marian and Guy relationship is wonderful and should be developed as it opens up endless possibilites and themes.
Without that relationship the programme would really struggle and the ratings would take a tumble .
Give them a one night stand and a child they fall out . Marian is controlled to a certain degree and becomes more of a politician. Then Robin could grow up a bit

16 December 2007 at 19:12:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi xstitcher,

A couple of weeks ago I would have been in complete agreement. i think the reason I'm more accepting now of what's happening is that:

1. Marian cannot be the Night Watchman now without Guy's consent, - unless the BBC are to take ALL credibility away from Armitage's role. (Something they've had a good go at doing on more than one occasion).

2. Gisborne has stopped attempting what would have essentially been rape and/or molestation: That is to say, sexual favours under threat of physical harm to her father.

So, if what we saw of Guy in those last 10 minutes stays in place, and if Marian is now seeing the real life complexities of the world, of how power sometimes operates, and is less the teenager who once had a crush on Robin of Loxley, then I'm certainly interested in seeing where that could lead.

Here's a thought: In the Erroll Flynn movie (which I'm not too struck on, but anyway), Marian starts out as a "Norman" in complete sympathy with Gisborne. It is Robin Hood who wins her over by showing her the poor Saxon way of life. Wouldn't it be interesting if Lucy did the reverse of that?

16 December 2007 at 19:13:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Screencaps anon

I think I can post some after tomorrow, when I plan to get all my pics for this episode posted.

The trailor itself is on the BBC site. If you watch it there, then look in the Locals folder in the Temp files for Internet Explorer, you'll find it sat there on your pc...

16 December 2007 at 19:16:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the role of the nightwatchman and the shadows that were inhabited by that role are required no longer marian has finally grown up , she has independant means . A relationship with Guy would mean she could influence for the sake of Nottingham ,fail miserably , become a politician ,have a child and become incedibly interesting. Then Robin grows up and kills Guy .Mirrors Eleanor of aquitaine a bit

16 December 2007 at 19:30:00 GMT  
Anonymous Lau said...

OMG! Just watched the preview on the BBC website!!! Ahhhhhh, i have waited soooooooo long for a Djaq and Will moment!!! OMG thought, what if its Allan she loves more!!!! What if shes letting Will down!!!! Please nooooooooooooooo. I need it to be Will!!!!!!! Can not wait 2 weeks!!!!!! Its unbearable!!!!!

16 December 2007 at 19:46:00 GMT  
Anonymous Lau said...

Saying that, it could be good, managed to pause it on a shot of Will's head. (You know in the really fast, bit where it flicks through loads of scenes at the end of the prievew? and it looks like the same scene as where Djaq was giving her speech, and guess what he's smiling!!!! He's smiling!!!! Sooooooo excitited now!!!!!!!!!

16 December 2007 at 19:54:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


i think this part of the story (and next year), is very much about "growing up".

Richard the Lionheart could hardly speak English, disliked the country so much he spent most of his time in France, and just saw England has a source of income.

So no doubt in 2007, Robin Hood will be allowed to do what he couldn't do as Errol Flynn or Richard Greene, and that is to grow up and see the tooth fairy doesn't actually exist.

Oh, and can someone please get lau a glass of water??

16 December 2007 at 20:25:00 GMT  
Anonymous Coralina said...

I really think Marian is what Count Fruitcake called her : " a player".

She manipulates,she takes profit of Guy's feelings to deceive him;she even uses her own feelings to reach her purposes. She's far from being a goody-goody character,nor she's the usual female character: she dislikes taking orders,she's a bit of a lonely woman and she never hide it she found Guy attractive ( the fight scene on this episode could've a been a lot naughtier,lol),even when he was less good,lol.Actually,Guy is becoming so good,I wonder if the battle between him and Robin won't be to decide which one is the " more kind,generous and good man" :D.

Concerning a third series: it seems all the characters and their mothers are going to the Holy Land,Marian and the Sheriff are,as always,plotting and Richard seems a bit...not very smart.But how can the show continue if there'll be a definitive fight? Robin idealizes Richard ,so perhaps he'll see him how he truly is,but that's not enough for more 13 episodes.

16 December 2007 at 20:38:00 GMT  
Anonymous Annie said...

I also thought this was a terrific episode. I've expressed my strong dislike of the Guy-Marian storyline before, but I agree with Robin that the development in this episode was really well done. I've never thought of myself as a purist when it comes to the Robin Hood legend. For example, I love the anti-monarchical theme in Robin of Sherwood, and I hope it gets carried out in the current series. As Robin says, Richard was no friend to England and the peasantry. I also love the questioning of the crusades that's emerged in recent retellings. That said, I discovered with this series that I really dislike having the Marian-Robin Hood relationship questioned. It's a reminder that I'm not as flexible as I like to think.

This episode had some wonderful small character moments. Some I particularly loved were Djaq's not bowing to the queen, the moment between LeGrand and John when John realizes they've accidentally exchanged staffs, Djaq's echoing cry of "For the Queen," which shows she's for the mission even if she hasn't forgotten who she is. Joe Armstrong made the most of scenes in which he's in the background reacting to things others are saying. I'm on pins and needles for the double episode.

Robin, since I'm new to the blog, what happens here once the series is over? Will you be coming up with topics for us obsessed Robin Hood fans to discuss and brood about until the DVD comes out?

16 December 2007 at 20:47:00 GMT  
Blogger Emily said...

There are so many things to say this week! Oh where to begin. I can't believe we've got to wait two weeks AND its almost over for this series. Can it really be so? I think there's not nearly enough episodes per series!
First of all I really liked the concept of this episode...
I loved how they worked in Stonehenge - though isn't that more in southern England, than in Nottingham? I loved Eleanor of Acquitaine - she was an amazing feisty Queen, ( in real life ) and even led her army to battle and ruled on her own. I would love to see more of her in this series - I really think she'd be a great person to have recurring every few episodes. Also that plot to force her to endorse Prince John as King, actually was apart of history (though I must look up the details again). Her advances on Little John were quite funny and I love how she is the treasure of England - very fitting. She was the matriarch of the Kings and Queens of England, for the most part.
I liked Le Grand - I loved his laugh. Why do all the great characters from the Holy Land come back to England to die? There are so few guest stars who get through an episode without kicking the bucket.
I loved their mission/quest to find it, having to decipher the map. It was really intriguing.
Djaq was stronger in this episode than we've seen in a long time. She was brilliant and brainy. She was tough and fought like a pro. And she won the admiration of Eleanor of Aquitaine. That's high praise. Eleanor was also very astute in noting that Djaq - whose people are the enemy of the English - has decided to stay and fight in England.
Also, I loved how Eleanor called the Sheriff `Singularly Odious.` Wonderous description.
Paxton reminds me very much of the doctor in Series 1, Episode 12 who also betrays them.
I like the scene between the Nightwatchman, Allan and Gisbourne - it`s very intense, especially knowing that its Marian under the mask. I do, however have two complaints about this scene. After so much build up between the Nighwatchman and Gisbourne - it wasn`t long enough. It seemed as though Marian had been out of practice so long, she`d lost some of her skills in the process. It just didn`t seem like the same Night Watchman as in the beginning of the series 2. Gisbourne`s reaction is believable, but he isn`t angry enough. And I`m afraid I didn`t quite understand how it all worked out in the end - Gisbourne wanted to let Marian off - I honestly can see Allan pretending to be the night watchman on his own to save her, but Gisbourne condoning it...I think he`d be far too angry.
If I was bored two weeks ago with Marian and Gisbourne, its even worse now. I`m afraid I am not caught up in the tenseness of the two of them, in fact I find myself impatient to get through those scenes now. It seems the writer of this episode is, to put in internet speak - one of those Guy-Marian shippers. It also seems to be one who rather thought Marian had been too tough previously. One of the reasons why we girls of the younger generations like this Marian so much is that she has so much to do, battles to fight, wars to win - both with her intelligience and with her fighting skill. It`s a shame we aren`t seeing the latter as much anymore.
The Allan and Marian and scenes though were very very good. His character was just as brilliant as it has been.
I loved the ending where they were razzing John about Eleanor.
Also, I am wondering what Eleanor`s role is in all of this. I`m pretty sure once she got back to France, she could very well either go herself or send a contingent directly to Richard in the Holy Land. She is a Queen. Why didn`t they speak of this - she was a very powerful figure - it just seems Eleanor could have a bigger role to play.
Some Rehetorical Questions:
Isn't it funny how in every episode now there are messengers from the King?
Isn't it funny that these messengers seem to travel so fast from the Holy Land? (and, with the preview at the end for episode 12 - how do they end up in the Holy Land so fast? I suppose that is a discussion for two weeks hence).

16 December 2007 at 21:28:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


Derbyshire, which borders onto Nottingham, is strewn with Stone Circles from the bronze age. Here's just 1:

And here's another arrangement of Stones, named after Robin Hood:

I'm going to have a good read through your comment. In the meantime: I have to disagree about the way Guy defeated marian so readily. He is after all probably THE top assasin in the land. Think SAS meets Home Guard. But yes, the "I bring a message from the King" is getting funny, and of course the way they just nip off to the Holy Lands quicker than Concord. I think next week Djaq probably constructs a Jumbo Jet from a bag of acorns, Little John's staff, powered by Marian's hair grips.


Last year, between series, we kept going here a ittle while. But I confess there's less to pontificate over now. At that time we were all into the overall interpretation of each character as compared to previous incarnations. But that's kind of sorted now. However, the American and Australian audiences may take over the comments boxes and add their views. Everything stays here to be accessed.


I think the point you make about Marian being a player is related to her age. Yes, that scene when she walked in on Guy as he was putting on his armour, did awaken certain feelings she perhaps hadn't felt in quite that way before. Yes, she is starting to regret the way she's manipulated him (however just the cause). Maybe it is also her youthful insecurity which has prevented her from EVER speaking to Djaq, the maturer character.

16 December 2007 at 22:10:00 GMT  
Anonymous Coralina said...

Actually,Robin,for me,it has nothing to do with her age: though they're very different,Marian sometimes reminds me of Mme. de Meurteil and, funnily enough,the tag for Dangerous Liaisons is "The Game As You've Never Seen It Played Before.".

I think the best on RH is its complex and dubious characters. I don't think Djaq is more mature,but perhaps more plain,as character and,in this serie,she's becoming very boring.But that's my personal taste :D. Apart from that,I'd send all those characters to the therapist,because they're quite dysfunctional. But isn't that why we follow the show every week,lol?

16 December 2007 at 22:43:00 GMT  
Blogger Emily said...

I am not so certain I would call Marian a player. She uses her manipulation for her own ends because she is fighting, her own way, for the people and for the King. We have really only seen her interact romantically with Robin and Gisbourne ( I suppose you could throw Count Fruitcake in, but that was apart of a ruse). That isn't a whole lot of men.
If the situation in the shire and in England were not as it was, would she be carrying on as she is? I don't think so. I think that her relationships have become quite complicated due to the tenacity of the situations she has been faced with. Also, I am not so certain I think that her player like actions are due to her age - I think its defaulted that way because she's been working hard to influence Gisbourne in the way that benefits her and Robin. She's in a world that's demanded she be as adult as everyone around her. They are the adults - it is their world they are fighting for.
Gisbourne is very attractive and Robin you are right about her inexperience with men. Still though, its good to remember that each writer has different opinions of where her affections lay, it seems, so perhaps the source of the player like tendency is really in the writers playing games with Robin/Marian and Gisbourne/Marian love triangle?

16 December 2007 at 23:10:00 GMT  
Anonymous Coralina said...

Emily,I agree with you,not only regarding your last comment,but also the one where you say the fight between Marian and Guy was a bit of a flop.Actually,it reminded me the way portuguese shows used to be 10 years ago:

"( All said in a highly slow tone,though the scene is intense and violent;characters are in opposite sides of the room) betrayed me...

-No,I didn't...all is related with the meaning of life...

- The meaning of life...?...!"

But I understand is a family show,so it must have some limits.Personally,I'd have added some more sexual tension.And yeah,she's a martial arts expert,how come she was so easily beaten?!

I'm not so sure about her inexperience towards men but I thin k her issues are far more emotional than sexual.In the previous serie and on this,mainly the episode where her father dies,she states she's always lonely,so perhaps that's why she feels she must defend herself from strongest emotions.

I've a different image from Elaine of Aquitaine,though: more haughty and menacing. I also doubt she would fancy Little John,once she liked to surround herself with strong,though educated knights ( and younger than her,too).

16 December 2007 at 23:28:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

A lot of good points there regarding whether Marian is a player or not. Also, time and again we've all found oursleves returning to this issue of inconsistency in the writing.

But I can't agree the fight between her and Gisborne was over too soon. I think in reality it wouldn't have gone even that far!

Let's not forget Gisborne was the man chosen to eliminate the King of England himself. Even in the very earliest of tales, before all this "Sir Guy" malarky, Gisborne was a top bounty hunter (dressed in animal skins) intent on killing Robin Hood for the reward - and very nearly succeeding. He's the top man. He's the guy they give the double 0 prefix to!

Coralina raised an interesting point about Marian's martial arts skills. Do we know where she got them from? Is she an expert? I think she could slap Much and Will around a bit, but I reckon Djaq could give her a hard time.

17 December 2007 at 00:35:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon:i don't think a show with a large fanbase would tumble in the rating if the triangle is not develop. The show has more tom offer than romantic aspect whatever angle the writers want.

Emily: thank you.. now i know somebody who hates the Guy/Marian thing.

Robin: thanks for the tought about Marian.Maybe that where the writer are heading and i remember the Dominic Minghella's interviewed that they (him and Foz Allan) immersed themselves with everything about Robin Hood before they make their version...

Above all i still love this show...


17 December 2007 at 03:30:00 GMT  
Anonymous anna said...

i think this episode is back to robin hood at its best, the marian/guy scenes were really grating on me but i like the twist the writers have given it and i like the way it's kinda become marian/guy/allan working as a team together. i loved guy's line to marian to stay and make the castle more bearable, very sweet but oh guy if you only knew! i totally loved the outlaws working together although wouldn't one of the group stayed outside the underground cave to keep watch? (v minor gripe).

any episode when the outlaws are given decent airtime is good in my book so thank you writers. i can't believe i have to wait an extra week though. the next episode looks amazing. bring on series 3.

ps i loved how little john spoke yoda style towards the end - him i liked.

keep this blog going mr robin hood even when there's no robin hood on tv, i need to get my fix somewhere! have a nice day,

anna x

17 December 2007 at 13:38:00 GMT  
Anonymous Annie said...

This episode generated a lot of stimulating comments. With regard to Marian being a player, I'm not sure I understand exactly how the term is being used, so apologies in advance to Coralina and Emily if I get it wrong. I interpret it as someone who is able to drive, as opposed to respond to, events. In that sense, I think I agree more with Emily. Much as I also love having a woman on the show who has her own opinions, acts on her own, etc., Marian is still constrained (within the boundaries of the show) by her status as a woman. She's usually driven by someone else's agenda--her father's, Gisborne's, Robin's. When she does act on her own, it's often in ways that are consistent with her being a woman, even if her methods are decidedly unconventional. It's significant that she has to dress as a man in order to rebel, even when it's to perform acts of charity (the Nightwatchman's role pre- and during season 1), which are traditionally associated with women and particularly privileged women. This is entirely consistent with the avenues open to women to resist their status as women during Robin Hood's time. Many became nuns (another form of disguise?) because they had more autonomy in the convent than they were afforded as wives or unattached women. Even powerful women like Eleanor of Acquitaine had to be wilier than the men (like the cliché that women have to do things twice as well as men to be considered half as good).
This brings us to Djaq. Though she's been underused in season 3, I don't agree that she's a less complex character than Marian. I do agree that her complexity has been given short shrift by the writers this season, and I think this is not only unfortunate but actually ethically problematic. Though I know this is only a television series, it's a series that occasionally tries to make larger points. Thus, when a single character is assigned the role of standing in for an entire culture, I believe the writers are obliged to do justice to that character and give her a voice. When a show has a large ensemble cast, inevitably characters will be neglected. I think it's less excusable in the case of Djaq because she's the only Saracen character in a show, the major focus of which is events in the "Holy Land." She's also one of only two regular female characters--again, simply because women are underrepresented on the show, the writers have a special obligation to ensure that they are dealt with complexly.
With regard to whether individual writers put their own stamp on the Guy-Marian relationship, I doubt that's the case. There is a through-line to the show, and I feel sure that Minghella is in control of major plot developments, even if the actual writing is left to others. Though I am trying to be more open-minded about the Marian-Guy relationship, I'm with Emily and Anon in wanting to be done with it. As other versions of Robin Hood have demonstrated, romance doesn't depend on R&H's relationship being in jeopardy.
Withal, as several have pointed out, there was much to like about this episode. It will make sense of Djaq's time to shine comes when events move to the Holy Land.

17 December 2007 at 14:43:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


When series 2 ends I think the whole Marian character, and how its changed, would deserve a post of its own.

Suffice to say for now, and to expand on your point: "As other versions of Robin Hood have demonstrated, romance doesn't depend on R&H's relationship being in jeopardy". Indeed, the whole love triangle thing has never been a crucial part of the legend. It's basically an invention of Hollywood. The silent movie version had Guy as a would be assasin of Richard who lusted after Marian (sound familiar?), and the 1938 Errol Flynn version had Basil Rathbone's evil Guy seemingly too shy with women to approach Marian.

But I have to say, since episode 11, I think the role of Marian in relation to Guy has become more intriguing for me. I shall save further comments for later in the New Year.

17 December 2007 at 17:27:00 GMT  
Anonymous Lau said...

I found the article from the Metro about the 3rd series. Heres the URL: Jonas says there filming a 3rd but he doesn't want to do a fourth. So excited. lol.
Love the site and great work!
P.s Thanks for the glass of water! lol!

17 December 2007 at 20:02:00 GMT  
Anonymous Grace said...

does anyone wonder why will still seems to be shocked that the sheriff killed paxton? Surely he would have expected that kind of thing. He seems to kind of linger over paxton's dead body, maybe he was remembering his father and mother who were both killed by the sheriff so feels some kind of 'sentiment'

18 December 2007 at 10:01:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe Grace but he was kinda smiling a bit but he might feel a bit of sympathy towards him. Will is so fit though don't you reckon cant wait til the next episode!!!!

luv amy xxx

ps i love harry lloyd

18 December 2007 at 16:05:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Spoilers get deleted.

Anyone wanting them can read alternative sites.

18 December 2007 at 22:13:00 GMT  
Anonymous Grace said...

lol yeah he's certainly fit! I really can't until the next episode. Richard Armitage is going to post a message on his site on Saturday to tide people over for another week.

21 December 2007 at 10:15:00 GMT  
Anonymous Walker said...

Personally, I didn't like this episode that much. Gisborne, Marian and Allan all annoyed me for various reasons, and the treasure hunt got tedious after while. Perhaps it was the one Robin and Marian scene that seemed out of place in the whole episode plot-but at least we got one. I hated Queen Eleanor-so cringe-worthy and uugghh...
And may I quote "A year ago I put this dagger into the nightwatchman's side" Nice to know how the timing works finally!!
But OMG at the previews. It looks exciting. I'm betting on a character death of either Djaq or Allan.

21 December 2007 at 16:47:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Walker,

I think one of the reasons I liked the episode is because, with Guy now knowing her identity, it did move things on a little as far as their relationship is concerned. as you say, "finally".

I think the real reason we're all having to wait now a fortnight, is to give them chance to get to the Holy Lands!

21 December 2007 at 17:30:00 GMT  
Blogger lizardqueen22 said...

I absolutely loved this episode!! Drama from Guy and Marian, and Robin skipping around the forest like he does best. I am completely loving the Guy/Marian storyline- their relationship has become so much more complex and appealing than Robin/Marian's so it's the show's own fault that there will be so many angry fans when Robin and Marian undoubtedly marry in the end.
So yes, I am completely aware that Robin and Marian are going to be together as the legend goes. But with her blossoming romance with Guy (and Richard Armitage in leather trousers) ignorance is most definitely bliss :)

21 December 2007 at 23:46:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Lizardqueen,

and welcome.

I also loved this episode. And, though I was certainly getting tired of the Guy / Marian thing, I do believe it's been given a whole new twist now.

Nothing has caused more comment this series than the Marian role, and what Lucy Griffiths has been given in the sript.

I think this is definately something to return to after episode 13.

22 December 2007 at 01:21:00 GMT  
Blogger Emily said...

Yes, I agree with you with all of your points. I think you went further, and clarified more of what I was trying to say in regards to Marian (being a player) and Djaq in particular.

I do realize that there are a lot of Guy/Marian fans, though I find myself having a great bit of difficulty in understanding the appeal - I don't feel that they have chemistry nor that there is a romance there - their storylines have gotten quite repetitive and bland. I know that Marian and Robin will get together, but I am continually beating my head against the wall over them.
Lizard Queen - what is it that you find is so fascinating about the Guy/Marian storyline? Those of us who are talking on here have been mostly firmly in the Robin/Marian camp so I am curious.

22 December 2007 at 03:30:00 GMT  
Anonymous lizardqueen22 said...

This is lizardqueen22, i just can't log in because I've forgotten my password :S

Hi, and thanks Robin Hood!

I guess I can't really pinpoint what i find so compelling in their relationship, but I suppose it's that it's so unexpected. Every Robin Hood adaption has been Robin and Marian all the way and it is nice to have a change.

Also, what I love about Guy is that you can see progression in his character. So much has changed with him and his way of thinking; as has Marian's attitude towards him. I cannot help but feel that this storyline is actually going somewhere. Robin however, has been pretty much a constant this series. Every episode he's like 'let's save the day- a messenger from the king- stop the sheriff- yeah sure marian's great' and it's beginning to get a little repetitive for me.

Plus, I'm sorry to offend anyone but I do not like Robin in this adaption. Too self-assured and up himself for me; but the way the next episode is looking, it seems like his character is going to take quite an interesting turn next series...

22 December 2007 at 14:56:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi lizardqueen,

I agree about your assessment of Robin. I think Jonas is fantastic, but there remains much more of the Fairbanks / Flynn in him than people have credited, and not quite enough Praed / Connery (Connery SENIOR that is).

Although he returned from those wars distressed at what he saw, his upset was not as apparent as with Much. Not at all.

Is this because he knows, if Richard returns, then the silk sheets and silver cutlery await him? (This is after all always at the back of Alan's mind, AND Much's).

You are right. This Robin is still a little cocky in his ways. The rose tinted glasses have not fallen from his eyes regarding Richard's desertion of his country.

They have fallen from Marian's. And therein lies the rub.

All of this is why I now find the Marian / Guy thing more interesting than I did before.

It could well be that Marian sees Guy the better option when it comes to changing the current crisis in Nottingham. She may well suspect the King Richard cause is lost, and that a changed Guy could dispense with the Sheriff, and use his considerable energies and leadership qualities, to put things in order.

22 December 2007 at 15:55:00 GMT  
Blogger simberloffer said...

i really loved the episode as a whole but thought that the treasure hunt aspect was more than a bit cheesy

10 May 2008 at 00:42:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say that I have now watched seasons one and two of RH and like season one the best. I do not care for the relationship between Marian and Guy, just feels as if Robin is being left out. I also listened to all the commentary's on the dvd's and it disturbed me to see the crush very noticeable with Lucy Griffiths and Richard Armitage. I am glad that they killed of Marian and hope that now Guy can be a Man and not a love sick fool. Robin (Jonas Armstrong) is a great actor!! I hope he does not leave the show, that would be a GREAT LOSS!!

18 January 2009 at 16:15:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi anonymous,

I agree series 1 was the best. The second series just descended into chaos half way through.

I also agree about Jonas. But sadly, we all know he's leaving the show and has made that very public.

18 January 2009 at 17:41:00 GMT  

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