Thursday, 31 January 2008

Robin Hood, Series 2, Picture Gallery 16.

Robin Hood (Jonas Armstrong) keeps an eye on Sherwood Forest, whilst Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage), does the same in Nottingham.
Marian (Lucy Griffiths) stands revealed as the Night Watchman, and Gisborne demands to see the scar he inflicted on her a year ago. (See sidebar for a picture of that scar).
Robin Hood gets down on one knee to propose to Marian in the middle of Sherwood Forest. Little did they know how sad the circumstance of their final wedding vows would be, taking place as they did on the blood stained desert of the Holy lands.
The Sheriff of Nottingham seemed ever too eager to drive a wedge between Guy and Marian. On route to Plymouth the Sheriff discloses that Guy was indeed the assasin who atempted to kill King Richard.

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Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood, Robin Hood series 2, Robin Hood pictures, Jonas Armstrong, Richard Armitage, Lucy Griffiths, Harry Lloyd.

31 January 2008 at 18:39:00 GMT  
Anonymous kitty said...

The power of pressure - so she is coming back. Lets all try and work out how
are we going for the ghost ?
Or will they re-shoot the last few minutes -my money is on the later .The sherrif will have two horses ,cheap and easy and guy will injure but not kill with the knife

3 February 2008 at 21:13:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Kitty,

You speak with some certainty? The last I knew, "talks were going on", scheduled to end mid february:

But maybe you've heard something new?

If she returns just for cameo appearances, then that's nothing we haven't speculated on before: Remember Keith allen's comment about her using his apartment over there for filming? Which suggests she was filming when he and the rest of the cast were elsewhere.

Either way I'll just think it totally ridiculous to see her back.

3 February 2008 at 22:31:00 GMT  
Anonymous kitty said...

I think there will be a re-jigging of the last episode .One could argue that if she was forced to marry gisbourne , officiated by the king then she has given up her life in a somewhat abstract way for england . then the writers have a glorious time -with all the permutations between her , guy , robin, she falls back into her original role as spy . obviously she will end up with robin hence his new love interest -the last episode being a showdown . why do i think the last episode was such a mess , because it was cobbled together as series three was hanging . That is why she had no work -contracted but hanging there.
But all the other countries playing catch up made a difference .
i spent the weekend reading Alison Weir Eleanor of Aquitaine -interesting read .
am i certain around 95%

4 February 2008 at 15:04:00 GMT  
Anonymous kitty said...

Okay i am going to fly a kite .
It would be extremely easy to work in Marian marrying Gisbourne as an alternative to Gisbourne killing Richard .Very colourful in a dramatic scene .

The scene of her death could be put down to robin`s halluciations due to being stuck in the desert . the fact that she marries his rival could mean that stuck in his mind is the idea that she is dead to him in his mind .
Easily explained as Robin is brought round -gives opportunity to bring the other characters back if required

Marian could be stuck in kirklees or back to her old role as informer , struggling against what she should do and what she wants to do -whilst the season gets back on track .
After all her previous role as Night Watchman is exposed , Takes her and Gisbourne on to a totally dark level .Robin has a new romantic interest which can eventually expire -but the permutations are endless .

There are two plots that will eventually happen -Gisbourne will die at the hands of Robin and Robin will marry Marian .it is the middle ground that is of interest
There would not be such a storm if Armstrong leaves because he has to many people not realy worked in that role . Away for years in the Holyland and he comes back like a boy scout, and as for his relationship with Marian -far too much boy and girl next door .
A reality injection needed between them .

5 February 2008 at 08:54:00 GMT  
Blogger robin hood said...


I'll have a pint of whatever it is you're on...

Seriously girl, she's gone.

5 February 2008 at 10:32:00 GMT  
Anonymous kitty said...

you wish -
What she loves the place so much -she flies there and back a lot

5 February 2008 at 11:48:00 GMT  

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